Saturday, 17 September 2016


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Stagnation had twined her life like a snake and had left her stuck in one position for years. The diminishing fortunes of her career had forced her to visit The SCOAN. Arriving at The SCOAN, the South African received prayers from the man of God and returned to her country. As soon as she resumed work, Miss Patiswa Mbongwana was promoted from the position of Senior Administration Officer to Assistant Director. Later on, she revisited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which she continued to minister when she returned to South Africa. Miraculously, there came another promotion in her career.

For a young woman who once had serious career and financial challenges, life has suddenly beamed its smiles on her after her spiritual pilgrimage to The SCOAN. Aside from rebuilding her parents’ house, she has built her own and currently owns two exotic cars. During her testimony, Miss Mbongwana told congregants how she enrolled for a programme in Practical Labour Law at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and graduated with a distinction. Currently, she has applied for a Master’s degree in the same course. Miss Mbongwana, expressing her gratitude to God for the blessings she has received, left the following advice for people all over the world: “Your prayers of yesteryears were not in vain. Just believe. Just have faith in God. God’s time is the best. If God can do it for me, definitely, He will surely do it for you.”

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Remember that our Lord is still saying something as He is the deliverer, the healer and the same yesterday today and forever. God has used Prophet TB Joshua through the medium of the morning water to work miracles and i know yours will not be a different one in Jesus name!!!!

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