Saturday, 17 September 2016


Born into poverty and without knowing her father, young Bahati grew up with her mother who eventually died when she was only nine years old. After her mother’s demise, the young Kenyan had to move in with her elder sister. Life was not easy but God sent help through a church which took up the education of indigent students. Young Bahati enrolled into school but could not come to terms with the strenuous demands of learning and so, she had no other choice than to drop out of school only to strike friendship with a random woman who introduced her into drinking alcoholic beverages. As she progressed in her alcoholic activities, her sister became fed up with her wayward life and ejected her.

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Left with nowhere to put up, Bahati resorted to street hustling. She later met an armed robber lover with whom she would move in. But after sometime, troubles crept up. Her lover could not afford to pay his rent and was ejected, leaving them with no option than to move in with her lover’s armed robber friend. Knowing that they were living with men of the underworld, Bahati in connivance with the girlfriend of her husband’s friend, broke into the house and made away with the money the robber-lovers had stolen and kept in the house. While the police were after the robber-lovers, the latter were after their fleeing girlfriends who had absconded with the armed robbers’ loot. Relocating to Nairobi and embracing prostitution, Bahati had affairs with three different Japanese men. She had had a child for the first Japanese who was a married man but had deceived her. The second Japanese man, who accepted Bahati’s first child, took her to Japan but got the beating of his life. Their marriage ended in divorce, albeit they had a child together.

With two children from two failed unions, the Japanese government took up her welfare through strict social measures that made continuing her wayward life very difficult. As the adage goes by “nobody dares cage water”, Bahati found a way to sneak out to clubs where she sold her body to men and drank alcohol to her satisfaction, leaving her young children at home alone. Sometimes, when she returned from her ‘night duties’, she would break down in tears, wondering why she was living that horrible kind of life. Bahati would also get pregnant for an African neighbour whose wife had tried to lure her into idolatry.

Introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend in Japan, Bahati built up her faith and decided to visit The SCOAN. Penultimate Sunday, she was delivered after the evangelists ministered the Morning Water on her. Though, the demon tormenting her life had tried to be unyielding to the power of God, it was however brought down like a pack of cards through the power of the Holy Spirit. During her testimony last Sunday, Bahati told congregants that all her unholy appetites are gone for good. According to her, the urge to go and meet men and the thirst for alcohol are gone even as she now enjoys quality time in the presence of God’s Word.

“Never give up on God,” she advised.

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