Monday, 26 September 2016


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The SCOAN Sunday service of September 11, 2016 was a memento of sort. While bringing together God’s people to worship and praise the name of their God, it heralded the commemoration of the transition to glory of the Martyrs of Faith who ascended to meet with their Creator on September 12, 2014 while on a spiritual pilgrimage. Kimmy Skota’s sonorous voice reverberated beyond the auditorium into the hearts of congregants as well as family members of the transited who came all the way from their countries to keep an appointment with God. Her delivery of the hymn HEAVEN IS OUR HOME reminded all that life on earth is indeed transitory. All power belongs to God and so, the family members and relations of the Martyrs of Faith have decided to submit to His will.

In her message titled OUR NEED FOR A MENTOR, Evangelist Kimmy drew the attention of Christians to the expediency of going through a mentor who plays the role of a guide and director in their lives. She however noted that, to enjoy the benefits of a mentor, we need to be sincere. She likened her concept of sincerity to the relationship between a new convert and our Lord Jesus who accepts repentant souls unconditionally: “If you are sincere, you will remember the first day you believed Jesus and the way He accepted you unconditionally.” With ample biblical exemplifications, she further demonstrated that the relationship between mentor and mentee should be unconditional just as Ruth and Naomi exhibited in the Bible.

According to her, sincerity wins it all, as any attempt at pretence will always lead to problems: “Pretence is the disease that causes people to fall down when they are climbing the ladder of success.” Using the story of her life as an example, Evangelist Kimmy noted that if not for the divine appointment she had with her mentor, Prophet T.B. Joshua, she would have lost out in the race of destiny, stressing that she was at the point of total annihilation when God sent His prophet to guide her to salvation.

In her conclusion, she left the following food for thought for Christian mentees all over the world: “You start to discover yourself when you know that where you are is the right place.”

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