Monday, 26 September 2016


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Jeffery was eighteen years-old when he was inducted into the drug users’ club. He had visited a friend and had ordered for a plate of noodles. But while the plate of noodles was to be served, he had noticed some green vegetables on the meal. On interrogating his host, he was told it was normal vegetables used to garnish the sumptuous delicacy. However, after the meal, his senses took a flight. Somehow, he managed to come over that stupefying experience after he had administered an eye-drop to clear his bloodshot eyes.

He fell in love with that vegetable and subsequently discovered he could use it in different ways. He started experimenting with Indian Hemp and smoked it at will while in the university. His craving for the drug became habitual to the extent that he would spend his school fees on it and on other drugs. He formed a league of bad boys who also defrauded unsuspecting people through the internet. He also hobnobbed with cultists. He had no time for his studies but enjoyed partying, drinking and smoking his life away. He kept living the wayward life until he summoned courage to seek for help by himself. He had watched Emmanuel TV a couple of times and had seen the marvellous things God was doing in The SCOAN and so, he begged his aunty to bring him to the church.

During a Sunday service, as the evangelists were ministering the Morning Water, Jeffery could not withstand the fire of the Holy Spirit that had permeated the entire atmosphere. Immediately, the spirit that had been terrorising his life started manifesting. According to the spirit which spoke through him, “He is a star but the star belongs to me.” Jeffery’s aunty who was beside him during the deliverance confirmed how wayward and irresponsible he had been. According to her, he would spend his school fees on drinks and drugs and would lie to his parents. He also stole and sold his parents properties in order to finance his illicit desires. It was a straight knockout as the Holy Spirit sent the evil spirit to the pit of hell with a deadly blow as Jeffery found himself on the ground. By this time, the evil spirit was gone while a breath of fresh air in Christ came into his life.

Testifying in company of his family members, Jeffery regretted the life he lived in the past and how it ruined his educational pursuits and impacted negatively on his parents’ businesses. He however thanked God for his deliverance at The SCOAN. His father was also full of praise to God for rescuing an almost unrepentant child who had held sway as the bad boy of the family. Jeffery, who is now a totally changed person has regained the love and admiration of his father who advised parents to create time for their children rather than chase the material and ephemeral fancies of life.

 Remember that our Lord is still saying something as He is the deliverer, the healer and the same yesterday today and forever. God has used Prophet TB Joshua morning water to work miracles and i know yours will not be a different one in Jesus name!!!!

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