Monday, 26 September 2016


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Like the proverbial grain of wheat that fell to the ground and withered in order to live anew, Miss Patience Irabor’s life was in the macabre grip of a spirit husband which thrived on the idolatrous pedigree of her family. Her father worshipped idols before he died and created a pathway for the dark world to later torment his daughter. As soon as she gained admission into the university, Patience threw caution to the winds. She embraced a notorious lifestyle that called for divine intervention. Rather than cling to her academic pursuits, she derived greater satisfaction from going to clubs and selling her body to men for money in company of her wayward allies. Together, they damned the consequences of their irresponsible lifestyle and cheered themselves with alcohol.

But unknown to the young woman from Edo State, Nigeria, she was being controlled by a wicked spirit that was bent on destroying her life. It had afflicted her with a wayward life and the spirit of anger so that nothing good and noble would come her way. Patience was not the only prey. Her elder sister was also a victim as she was in Malaysia working hard as a prostitute without anything tangible to show for all her hustles. Patience’s elder brother, a university graduate was also languishing on the highway of unemployment while their mother also had her own issues. As the wife of a late idolater, she had scores to settle with the dark world.

Coming to The SCOAN was at the instance of Patience’s Malaysia-based elder sister who confessed that she was tired of living an ungodly life over there. After several years of prostitution, she saw that all was vanity upon vanity and therefore, she had no choice but to encourage her sister and mother to seek deliverance at the Arena of Liberty. During penultimate Sunday service, Patience and her mother were in the church when the evangelists were ministering the Morning Water to congregants. As soon as the Morning Water was ministered to Patience, the spiritual husband in her started manifesting, confessing that it had made a mess of her life. Speaking through her, the contrary spirit boasted how it had afflicted her with the spirit of anger in a bid to ensure that nothing good ever comes out of her. Its resistance was too weak for the anointing in the Morning Water. Before a cock would swallow a grain of maize, the evil spirit was cast out of Patience as she landed with her back on the ground.

Patience’s mother who was jubilant for her daughter’s deliverance also received hers. After ministering the Morning Water to her mother, the spirit of an idol which possessed her started manifesting. And so, she also had to undergo deliverance through the Morning Water. As it was being ministered to her, the spirit continued to groan under the fire of the Holy Spirit until it was finally cast out in Jesus’ name. Both mother and daughter looked elated after the deliverance and were full of thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. During their testimony last Sunday, Patience and her mother, in company of her other siblings, thanked God for their deliverance. They attested to the new-found peace that has taken over their lives. According to Patience, the lust after men is no more there. She is now totally free from the shackles of the devil and his messengers. Mother and daughter were unanimous in their advice to people all over the world: “Be prayerful so that God can deliver you,” they reckoned.

Remember that our Lord is still saying something as He is the deliverer, the healer and the same yesterday today and forever. God has used Prophet TB Joshua morning water to work miracles and i know yours will not be a different one in Jesus name!!!!

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