Saturday, 17 September 2016


Mrs Charlotte Aidoo suffered from severe hypertension for five years. She was always weak and could not live the normal life she had been used to. Her career as a caterer was hugely affected as she could not deliver on orders made by her clients. Whenever she received orders she would hand them over to her apprentices who ended up disappointing her clients. It got to a time that she stopped receiving orders from customers because of her health. The financial toll the ailment took on her was unquantifiable as she spent a fortune on medication.
Mrs Aidoo visited The SCOAN and was at the Prayer Line where she received prayers from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and was also blessed with the Morning Water. On her return to her native Ghana, she ministered the Morning Water after which she visited the hospital where she was certified free from hypertension. Mrs Aidoo is now back to her energetic self. She works hard, is very healthy and happy with her healing.

One day, when she had already gone back to Ghana, she was called that her bakery caught on fire. Immediately when she got the call, she was confident that God would take charge in the situation because she always faithfully ministered the Morning Water on her business in Jesus’ name. To the glory of God, when the fire was put out, nothing was destroyed. After the whole incident, someone told her that a man wearing white had come to the bakery and told the workers to put powdered soap inside water and spray it all over the bakery. Immediately after they did that, the fire stopped. Mrs Aidoo tried looking for the man who helped save her business, but to this date, they cannot trace the man at all. To God be the glory!

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