Thursday, 15 September 2016


Before she visited The SCOAN in 2012, Mrs Mazu Mazibuko from South Africa, suffered from business failure to the extent that she harboured suicidal thoughts. Life was very harsh on her; nothing seemed to work out. After she received her deliverance at The SCOAN, things soon took a prosperous turn. Her business picked up almost immediately after she found herself in a dream in which the man of God was putting some money into her wallet and assuring her of deliverance. After that experience, her business came back strongly. She even acquired a couple of cars.

By 2014, she had opened a new shop in Durban. In early 2015, she got another opportunity to work for an international travel agency and broke a record being the first person to be made a director within the space of one month of employment. She has been invited in company of her husband to Dallas, Texas in the US by the company to come and spend some time with its founders. Thanking God for expanding their business, Mr Mazibuko attributed their favour to prayers while acknowledging that they have been blessed financially. He advised people with the following words, “…don’t be discouraged whenever you face challenges. Hold unto God because what He says about you is what matters”.

Mrs Mazu Mazibuko from South Africa

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