Saturday, 17 September 2016


The spirit of premature death had been a thorn in the flesh of the Phiris back
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in their native Zambia. Shortly after Mrs Phiri gave birth to her first baby girl, she lost her to that wicked spirit after weeks of medical care in the hospital. It was that unpalatable experience that led them to the discovery of Emmanuel TV. Consequently, Mr Phiri visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water with which he returned to Zambia. After ministering the Morning Water together, the couple met as husband and wife.

Mrs Phiri eventually became pregnant and later delivered a second baby girl to the glory of God. Soon after the delivery of the baby, the same ailment that was said to have killed their first child reared its ugly head again. Having been diagnosed with pneumonia and anaemia, the new baby was bed-ridden in hospital and had to be placed under oxygen with urgent need of a blood transfusion. Mrs Phiri would not give in to fear. Instead, she continued to pray, ministering the Morning Water and believing her daughter was healed. She insisted her daughter should be discharged much to the displeasure of the doctors and nurses.

Back home with her daughter, Mrs Phiri continued to minister the Morning Water until it dawned on her that her daughter was indeed healed. Returning to the hospital for test, it was discovered that her daughter was free from all the ailments that had earlier been diagnosed in her – giving her a very outstanding clean bill of health. Mrs Phiri, while displaying all the medical test documents, thanked God for restoring her daughter’s health and for putting an end to the yoke of premature death that had tormented her for so long. She gave the following advice to viewers all over the world: “If you want to overcome the devil’s schemes, do so by the blood of Jesus and the word of your testimony.”

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