Saturday, 17 September 2016


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Mrs Elmira’s life was ravaged by a demon that made her hyper-aggressive and always angry. Her case soon attracted the attention of loved ones who took her to so many places in search of solution but without success. Even her marriage was on the brink of collapse, as she would always want to have her own way at all cost; she never really took her husband’s views seriously and would vent her spleen over little matters. Though they were blessed financially, her attitude was a sore point in the union. She continued to wallow under the yoke of the wicked demon until it dawned on her that she really needed help, and urgently!

Unrelenting in their search for solution, they came across Emmanuel TV on YouTube and watched a couple of deliverance sessions presided over by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Convinced that God is using the man of God, they decided to visit The SCOAN. And last Sunday, while the Evangelists were ministering the Morning Water, Mrs Elmira became uneasy as they approached her. The demon that had been tormenting her spoke out. “I destroyed her marriage and will make her divorce. She will be unhappy until the end of her life… I want them to divorce. I have many powers; her mother and sister are unhappy; she will be unhappy all her life,” it said, among other sordid revelations. In spite of the resistance put up by the demon, it was cast out of the Kazakhstani woman as the anointing in the Morning Water brought her to the ground.

During her testimony, in company of her husband, Elmira told congregants how she lost consciousness immediately the Morning Water touched her. According to her, from that moment, she could not control herself until the Evangelist beckoned on her to get up from the ground. She thanked God for her deliverance and testified to her new-found freedom. She now loves her husband more than ever before and is always glued to the Word of God. No more anger. No more strife. “Believe in God and trust in Him; He will see you through,” she advised.

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